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#1 2008-08-21 17:35:17

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installation from iso / ext2 partition


I'm tired of burning cdr, so I tried to install arch from the iso itself.
My first attempt was creating a empty partition. Then I copied the iso content to the partition by

dd if=archimage.iso of=/dev/sda7

I finished the preperations by adding a new entry of my existing grub.conf where I copied the first entry from the menu.1st found on the arch.iso

This attempt failed because grub couldn't recognize the filesystem type of my partition. Should be something like the cdrom filesystem. Does anyone know how grub can handle this anyway?

OK next try was formatting the partition to an ext2 filesystem, mounting the iso image and copying the whole content to the partition.

This time grub bootet the arch kernel (however it would be fine to avoid the copying..) but I get a kernel panic, when the arch installation explicitly wants to mount a /dev/cdrom like device for the installation.

Can anyone tell me how the installation can be told to use the data on the partition instead of failing with cdrom-mount attempts?
Is it a grub command maybe?

Also I believe you'll encounter this problem when you try to install arch from a usb pen drive, which was my first intention - but 128mb are just not enough..



#2 2008-08-31 20:52:52

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Re: installation from iso / ext2 partition

I am experiencing the same problem. I used to be able to boot from arch iso in the past with no problems, but now it wants to mount a cdrom which obviously isn't there. I tried cdrom=/dev/sda4 and realroot=/dev/sda4 but it didn't work, I still get a kernel panic.
If anyone has any ideas on how to solve this I'd love to hear about it.


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