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#1 2004-06-30 19:42:24

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trouble setting up hard drive

i'm having trouble setting up my hard drive. i have a 40GB with 5 partitions:

part1 (primary) - slackware install with boot flag
part2 (primary) - /home directory
part3 (primary) - 1GB swap
part5 (logical) is ~10GB storage
part6 (logical) is ~10GB free space

i enter the setup utility, set up part6 as a linux partition, logical, with boot flag, write the changes, then quit. i think once or twice it prompted me to reboot, so i rebooted.

then i tried to set the filesystem mount points. i select part3 for swap, part6 for /, and then Done (will manually mount /home later, don't want to mess with it now).

the installer seems to successfully set up the swap, then it fails to create the reiserfs on part6, with an error that it can't mount the partition:

Error mounting /mnt/

what is the problem?

appreciate any help - arch looks awesome, can't wait to get it going! big_smile

edit: the problem was indeed the logical partitions. it kind of sucks though, b/c now i have to use the full 20GB for the arch install, which will probably only take 1 or 2 GB. i wanted to keep that at 5-10GB at the most, because i want to use the rest of the disk as storage. well, i'm installing on the 20GB temporarily for now to check it out. if anyone has any pointers about how i can better structure the disk i'd appreciate it. smile


#2 2004-07-01 16:22:02

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Re: trouble setting up hard drive

the answer is: it seems arch can't install to a logical partition if the boot flag is selected, or if the swap is logical.

p.s. this thing is ~fast~ big_smile


#3 2004-07-04 08:29:18

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Re: trouble setting up hard drive

I dont know about lilo, which I guess you use because of Slackware, but you do not need any partition flagged as bootable with grub installed to the MBR.
Here is my lappie:
hda1 : 83 Linux  30Mb
hda2 : 83 Linux  30Gb
hda3 : 83 Linux 450Mb
hda4 : 83 Linux  40Mb

The 30 & 40M patitions are just there for braneded distros that think you need swap or boot and therefore force them on you.

But what may interest you is that I do not have any of them flagged as bootable. The bootable flag makes absolutely no difference whatever to this machine, it boots wherever grub directs it to.



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