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#1 2008-10-07 20:29:18

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Runescape HD in Arch64 (Java game using OpenGL)

Anyways, I used to be able to play Runescape HD perfectly using firefox32 from AUR and Sun's Java 7 b36 off their site (also worked fith bim32-jre off AUR but not as well). I was using the nvidia drivers with lib32-nvidia-utils installed. Then it just magically stopped working, I don't think I upgraded anthing related to it since it messed up. After it stopped working, I installed the beta drivers off AUR (including the lib32 one) and it still doesn't work, it still says that it can't load the 3D library (opengl). Other 32 bit apps (google earth and fretsonfire-alarian-mod i686 binary) work fine and they both use OpenGL also. I also tried to different version of Java and it still doesn't work, I don't like using low detail sad Help please?


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