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#1 2004-07-18 20:22:08

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cdrtools - problem copying audio CD's on-the-fly

I get the following message in cdXroast when trying to copy audio CD's "on-the-fly":

"with your version of the cdrtools only pure data CD's are supported for "on-the-fly" copy. A newer version might support audio "on-the-fly" copy."

When copying the audio CD to the harddrive and then burning a CD, my gnome session closes and go back to GDM login screeen.

Note: Can copy audio CD's "on-the-fly" with cdXroast in Fedora Core 2 OK.

So either their is a problem with the cdrtools package or someting else in mis-configured in Arch. My Arch is sync'd to today's current.

Anyone have any input?

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#2 2004-07-19 05:46:58

From: Lauingen , Germany
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Re: cdrtools - problem copying audio CD's on-the-fly

use cdrtools-devel from unstable repository
you can also try k3b (needs kde) for burning
with it you can use cdrdao or cdrecord


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