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#1 2004-07-21 06:08:24

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Getting a new laptop soon...

I'm going to get it custom built on iBuyPower, so it'll have all the latest hardware.  I just have a few power management related questions.

On my old computer from around 1998, I have to pass the option "acpi=force" to my kernel to make the computer power off when I shut it down.  I know it's not the same on laptops, so I was wondering what parameters I'd have to pass.

Also, any tips about using Linux on laptops are welcome.  smile


#2 2004-07-21 09:00:07

From: Wales :D
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Re: Getting a new laptop soon...

I'm also getting a laptop soon, that I'm going to be running linux on.

Sorry I didn't answer your Qs (I'm asking them too!).

Just out of curiosity (and looking at ur pic), do you play FragOps? As SWATT or some such name?



#3 2004-07-21 10:59:37

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Re: Getting a new laptop soon...

Before buying a laptop to run linux, I suggest test the hardwares with one of the live CDs fond in Internet (e.g Knoppix for Debian or AL-AMLUG for Arch Linux). Not only for laptops but any hardware.



#4 2004-07-21 11:17:58

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Re: Getting a new laptop soon...

ACPI works fairly well in the 2.6 kernels so it will shutdown without any extra parameters. The standby and hibernate features windows supports are not as well developed in linux yet but some folks do get it to work (albeit in a somewhat primitive form).

Testing your hardware is a good idea but once you've established your hardware works installing linux on latop is not more difficult that installing on a desktop. Any specific things you're concerned about?

Good luck.



#5 2004-07-21 18:39:45

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Re: Getting a new laptop soon...

Check the hardware if it is supported by linux:
- kernel ducumentation

You should pay attention especially to:
- modem - if there are opensource drivers for the modem
- graphics - if you are going to get NVidia / ATI there should not be a big problem (however I believe NVidia delivers better drivers - ATI's are only in RPM and not all XFree/ versions are supported (if I am not right please correct me) ), however if you are going for some integrated graphics (usually in cheaper notebooks, like mine ;D ) check wheather it is supported... at least 2d hardware acceleration is very useful because you can watch movies than ;D

There are also less important things, like:
- dsdt table is incorrect - easy to repair - look for dsdt tables at
- exra keyboard buttons
- usb, firewire and wifi are usually well supported
- check if you will be able to use TV out, I believe NVidia supports it

The next part will be configuration process...

Good luck in buying your laptop ;D
I personally love mine - it is so much better than desktop for what I need (I don't usually play games... hmm maybe sometimes, but I like strategy games so I don't need fast 3d)

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