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#1 2004-07-22 20:44:25

From: Belgium
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fam problems & rc.sysinit

Today i noticed when i started gnome the fam deamon disapeared.  I could restart the daemon, but when i started browsing through my filesystems with nautilus the fam daemon disapeared again.  When i started manually /usr/bin/fam -d (debug mode) i saw the fam deamon spawned a line about not finding 'root' and  then the deamon quitted . A permission problem was unlikely so it had to be a problem with the other "root" of a linux pc: the root of the filesystem (/).  I executed df and saw all my partitions showing up except one : "/". Checking fstab revealed the / mountpoint was defined, but checking mstab didn't have any / entry !!!
In the rc.sysinit file there is a block where / gets mounted read only (line 53) and remounted rw (line 82).  But the following line is interesting: after remounting / the mtab file gets deleted.  And since no remounting of the / filesystem is done after the deleting of mtab the root mountpoint never shows up in the mtab file.
I fixed this by remounting the / fs again right after the mtab deletion.

lines 81-86 of rc.sysinit

stat_busy "Mounting Local Filesystems"
/bin/mount -w -v -n -o remount /
/bin/rm -f /etc/mtab*
/bin/mount -w -o remount /
# re-mount /proc and /sys so they can be written to /etc/mtab
umount /proc && mount -t proc none /proc

An guess what: after this modifaction my fam daemon keeps running smile

Could someone check this out if this is a common problem?



#2 2004-07-22 22:42:17

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Re: fam problems & rc.sysinit

This happened to me after the last time I did a pacman -Syu also.  The initscripts package has been changing a lot in the last little while, so it is not surprising to find a bug or two.   Thanks for finding a fix until the maintainer gets on to it.


#3 2004-07-22 22:58:37

From: Catalonia
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Re: fam problems & rc.sysinit

Why you have:

/bin/mount -w -v -n -o remount /

and I only have:

/bin/mount -n -o remount,rw /

mmmmmmm, man mount:

-w  Mount the file system read/write. This is the default. A synonym is -o rw.
-v   Verbose mode.


did you change that or was it in default i your initscripts¿?


#4 2004-07-23 02:22:23

From: Victoria, BC, Canada
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Re: fam problems & rc.sysinit

This is fixed in the next version.  Thanks for spotting it.


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