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#1 2004-07-26 00:05:55

From: Poland
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PKGBUILD: opera with shared qt

I know there is now opera in staging but it's using static version of qt. I wanted to try shared version so I modified original PKGBUILD from

pkgdesc="Opera web browser (shared qt)."
depends=('lesstif' 'bash' 'qt')
md5sums=('ea31aacc2ecf99d5328a0171e4c904a1' 'e4a6c3d1571c61a5d07dcfabdfdac99c')

build() {
  cd $startdir/src/$pkgname-7.53-20040716.5-shared-qt.i386-en
  sed -i "/if con_firm "Do you want to install them"/,/fi$/s|^|#|" 
  ./ --prefix=$startdir/pkg/opt/$pkgname
  sed -i "s|$startdir/pkg/opt|/opt|g" $startdir/pkg/opt/$pkgname/bin/opera
  sed -i "s|$startdir/pkg/opt/$pkgname|/opt/$pkgname|g" 
  rm -r $startdir/pkg/opt/$pkgname/share/doc
  mkdir -p $startdir/pkg/etc/profile.d/
  cp $startdir/ $startdir/pkg/etc/profile.d/
  chmod +x $startdir/pkg/etc/profile.d/
  cp config/* $startdir/pkg/etc/

You will also need file from or if you installed opera package before you can find one in /etc/profile.d/ If makepkg will complain about md5 sums remove them and regenerate with makepkg -g if you want.

The main reason to make this PKGBUILD was ugly font rendering (no antialiasing) in static version in the menu toolbar. It's described in this opera knowledgebase document … 1&session=
The shared version uses nice antialiasing :-)
The changelog for this version can be found here

I changed dependencies of course. Bash and qt cover also other dependencies. According to … 4&session= and … 4&session= opera also needs libXm which is part of lesstif package. It's not a critical dependency but java and some netscape plugins may not work without it.

I also added one sed line to get rid of asking questions by opera installer during package building process.Please, ignore the message about files in /etc that cannot be prefixed - they are installed "manually" at the end of the build process.


#2 2004-08-26 10:32:46

From: Lauingen , Germany
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Re: PKGBUILD: opera with shared qt

updated to 7.54
and replaced the static version in staging with your version


#3 2004-08-26 12:16:50

From: Poland
Registered: 2003-10-28
Posts: 1,274

Re: PKGBUILD: opera with shared qt

Thanks. I missed the new release. I'll upgrade my opera ASAP I get back home.


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