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#1 2004-07-31 12:14:54

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bash 3.0 and readline 5.0

Since update to bash 3.0 my terminal windows show strange behavior: sometimes long lines are splitted into two.

In … put=gplain
is a paragraph about readline

Changes have been made to the Readline library being released at the same time as bash-3.0, readline-5.0, so that Bash can be linked against an already-installed Readline library rather than the private version in lib/readline.  Only readline-5.0 and later versions are able to provide all of the symbols that bash-3.0 requires; earlier versions of the Readline library will not work correctly.

Maybe we need an updated readline package and bash 3 should depend on it?


#2 2004-08-01 15:06:55

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Re: bash 3.0 and readline 5.0

Mythoz wrote:

Since update to bash 3.0 my terminal windows show strange behavior

Bash 3.0 breaks midnight commander for me. MC hangs when starting up. Bash 3.0 also produces an error message when logging in. I don't have the text of it though, I've already downgraded to a stable bash.

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