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#1 2004-08-06 01:30:49

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GNUstep... wildmenus

I'm just trying to get set up with GNUstep... I've got past that libraries problem that another post mentioned and apps seem to be working.  But I'd like to get it feeling better. 

What should my .xinitrc be looking like?
The is to be run with windowmaker?

I found a screenshot on the wildmenus site:

What is that Window Manager?  It doesn't look like windowmaker.  How do I get that theme for the toolkit?  I have been trying to get camaelon and wildmenus running but it doesn't seem to be working. 

tehdely, help? Too many Q's I know. Sorry.  I'm tired.  zzzz


#2 2004-08-06 06:14:08

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Re: GNUstep... wildmenus

Hey, welcome to the club! big_smile

GNUstep runs on pretty much any window manager out there, but Window Maker is the "official" WM for GNUstep. Due to the slowness of its development, mind, there are a number of unresolved issued when working with GNUstep apps (see this Wiki for details). I had a go with Fluxbox, XFCE, Metacity etc. but always returned to Window Maker.It still handles AppIcons the best, IMO.

The screenshot you provided is somewhat weird, as GNUstep usually draws app menus in separate windows and not title bars. I'd be interested, too, what WM that is. GNUstep doesn't properly support themeing as of now.

In regards to .xinitrc: Have a look here:

I personally don't have any GNUstep-related stuff in .xinitrc. I call the first boot script, (as described here) as the last "daemon" in my rc.conf, and the second one ( via the wdm bootup config file (Xsetup_0). You could just as well call from your .xinitrc, just make sure your window manager is called in the last line of that file.



#3 2004-08-08 15:20:12

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Re: GNUstep... wildmenus

Since tehdely hasn't answered yet; to activate both Camaelon and WildMenus use the following defaults setting:

defaults write NSGlobalDomain GSAppKitUserBundles

As has its own dock-like thing, I imagine that it may be aiming for a windowmaker free setup. This is just a guess, but many people feel that wmaker doesn't integrate well enough with GNUstep as it is, and we might see an Objective-C based WM some time in the future. Currently you're probably best off with wmaker as the WM, mainly because of the AppIcons, like nggalai mentioned. All you really need to do in .xinitrc is to start your window manager:

exec wmaker

The script is not necessary as tehdely has already provided that functionality in /etc/rc.d/gnustep. Just add gnustep to DAEMONS in rc.conf (instead of which is essentially the same thing). Also, I'm doing fine without - the service it starts is initiated just as fine from the first GNUstep application you run.

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Re: GNUstep... wildmenus

Great.  Thanks.

I have been having issues with the gnustep install again.. but solved it by installing cairo and libpixman... these are required for gpbs to run ( 

Now if I could just get it looking like that screenshot...


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Re: GNUstep... wildmenus

You won't be able to get it looking like that screenshot, as rIO is doing some last-minute work before he releases his new theme to the world.  It'll be in Arch before it's anywhere else, so give him a week smile

Right now, the available themes are standard Camaelon and WildMenus, both of which are available in my GNUstep repo.

To enable the themes after installation, you do the following at any login shell:

defaults write NSGlobalDomain GSAppKitUserBundles '( "/path/to/first/bundle", "/path/to/second/bundle")'

Here is a screenshot of GNUstep with WildMenus and Camaelon:

click for big

Oh, and with regards to the missing cairo dependency, I updated gnustep-back-cvs to fix that after bogomipz pointed it out big_smile

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