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***** Screenshot posting rules *****

Posting Guidelines

· DO NOT post full resolution screenshots!  You can use the "mogrify" command (pacman -S imagemagick) to make a thumbnail of your screenshot:

$ convert -resize 250x250 screenie.png thumb-screenie.png

Sizes Twenty percent of the original size is great for 1024x768 screenies. For bigger sizes (and especially for multi-monitor setups), we ask you to keep in mind not everyone uses broadband, and use an even smaller size (10% of a Full HD setup will still be 192x180, for example). NOTE: Anything wider than 250px or over 50Kb in size will be removed.

You can then upload these images to your server and use the following code to show them on the forum:


*Thanks to Thayer for the screenie (more...)

· Several websites offer free image hosting.

Use the "thumbnail for forums" link code that is supplied by the image host to post your thumbnail link.

· Once the new month begins please do not post new screenies in the old threads.

· If the screenshot has questionable material that might not be safe to view while at work or in a school setting, please post only a link and not a thumbnail, along with a mention of "Not Safe for Work". Posts that do not adhere to this are subject to deletion without notice at any time.

· Please try to include any links to your wallpaper or configs that you may have and/or the names of your icon theme, running apps, DE, etc. in the same post to reduce unnecessary clutter later.

***** Your screenshot will be replaced by a reminder if you do not follow these guidelines *****

* As a simple way to include information about your setup in the screenshot, you can use a tool like Archey, screenfetch or screenfo (all in AUR) to print out details about your window manager, font, shell etc., with a very attractive ASCII Arch logo...



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