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#1 2004-08-15 08:20:36

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can't play ut2004 (Solved)

I am having a problem geting ut2004 running on a hd-install of AMLUG-5.1.
I have updated (-Syu) and am running the 2.6.7 kernel with udev. I have the  latest nvidia drivers (6111). The game is patched to 6336-1. I can launch the game from console. I can use my mouse  and key board to go throught the starting up menus but in the game, my keyboard and my mouse don't do a thing. Also the backgroungs images are not displayed while loading a game.

Simple solution to this  :oops:

Under input all keyboard and mouse mapping were Blank, I just had to click on the default button.

Funny thing is I have had this problem every time I tried to load ut2004 on Arch (AMLUG)  but not on any other distro I tried. Bad luck I guess. Perhaps something is going flakey on my machine, my cd's seem fine.


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