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When do packages enter [testing]?

I was curious to know what the process is for a package to enter [testing]... specifically I'm wondering about the latest version of the xf86-video-intel package. The package in [extra] is at version 2.4.3, even though the latest stable version (2.5.1) has been out for awhile, IIRC. Ardour (the digital audio workstation) is another package that has been stuck at an older version for a while and as far as I know, no newer version has entered [testing] yet.

Is there a reason that these packages aren't in [testing] yet? Is there a policy about when a new package will enter [testing] or does it just have to do with when the package maintainer gets the chance to put it up there?

Is there anything a noob like me can do to speed up the process? smile


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Re: When do packages enter [testing]?

Packages enter [testing] for the following reasons:
1. All packages from [core] must enter [testing] and be signed off.
2. Rebuilds due to a library soname bump
3. A package that the maintainer feels needs some testing before it goes to the main repo.

Note that updates for packages from [extra] do not have to go in [testing] first.

For the packages you specifically point out, from memory xf86_video-intel is not good and the update is being held up until 2.6 gets released.  Ardour is just out of date as far as I am aware.  A polite email to the maintainer might help if the package has been out of date for some time, but then again he may just be busy with other stuff.


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