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Wiki: udev howto

according to:

initscripts v 0.7 or newer

pacman -Qs initscripts


The sysfs needs to commented out and "usbdevfs" line needs to change to say "usbfs" (both places in the line). After the changes the lines in question will look like:

#sysfs /sys sysfs defaults 0 0

so, in the init scripts is also rc.sysinit in which the 'sys' is mounted according this:

[ "`grep sysfs /proc/filesystems`" ] && mount -n -t sysfs none /sys

then again in rc.sysinit there is a check which filesystem deamon to use:

if [ -e /dev/.devfsd -a -x /sbin/devfsd ]; then
    # Looks like devfs is running, use it
    status "Starting DevFS Daemon" /sbin/devfsd /dev
elif [ -x /etc/start_udev -a -d /sys/block ]; then
    # We have a start_udev script and /sys appears to be mounted, use UDev
    status "Starting UDev Daemon" /etc/start_udev
    # Static /dev, our last resort
    status "Using static /dev filesystem" /bin/true

for this to work the right way (i have try the wrong way:) )
the grep is a must lol

normaly grep is located in /usr/bin. that's ok if your /usr directory is on the same partition as your '/' (root) partition, but if you (like me) are using different partition for /usr then grep cannot be found (at this point in rc.sysinit the filesystem, described in fstab are still not mounted)
in that case 'cp /usr/bin/grep /bin/' will help a lot (aka, grep will be found and the UDev Daemon will be started.

and another (may be important) thing:
if in your fstab the devices are desribed something like this:
thing about comment this lines and add new with:

in partX and hdaX the 'X' are the same (atleast in my case)

p.s. pls excuse me for my english


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Re: Wiki: udev howto


i get a recent copys (yesterday) of initscripts and udev packages, and my arch is 0.6 version, so i was in trouble...

maybe if i had upgrade the package which contains grep, it should not be happend..., but even if i knows this bug yesterday, i just would have to make the copy lol

may be the initscripts package should have to tell me that it is a good idea, that grep should be in /bin (prefered for me), or that the package depends of higher version of package which contains grep  tongue


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Re: Wiki: udev howto

i recommend in this case
always do a pacman -Syu to get rid of old things that can cause troubles
for packages you want to hold make an entry in pacman.conf
IgnorePkg = xxx


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