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#1 2004-08-20 03:41:18

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[request] gecko-sdk for mplayer-plugin

i want to update mplayer plugin but needs gecko-sdk first, which is available from … ozilla1.7/

i really don't want to fight to mozilla-related pkgs, since mozilla is a pretty nasty pkg.

if any other devel (that knows mozilla better than me) could add this pkg, that would be nice..


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#2 2004-08-23 07:18:47

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Re: [request] gecko-sdk for mplayer-plugin

I tried to get the newest mplayer-plugin installed into my archlinux. 
I downloaded the gecko pkg from mozilla ftp and extracted to a directory.

I change the pkg version to 2.66 and change the dependency from 'mozilla' to mozilla-firefox' then added the ./configure --with-gecko-sdk=/path/to/gecko-sdk

then i save and did makepkg.
Then did pacman -A .tar.gz.
It compiles but it doesnt seem to work when i went to movie trailers in mozilla-firefox after i closed and open firefox.

Does anyone have the current mplayer-plugin 2.66 installed and working properly?  As with mplayer-plugin 2.60 which is in the pacman, I had problem with it crashing when i click back on the browser as well as not being able to save the source.

I wish this package can be updated as it has been flagged out of date for a long time. :shock:




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