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#1 2004-08-22 08:06:29

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sdl_ttf 2.0.6 and freetype2 2.1.7 patch


I recently ran into a little trouble trying to run an SDL graphics app called tuxtype2.

The app compiled OK, but had a run time segmentation fault.

I rebuilt the arch sdl_ttf package with this patch to the SDL_ttf.c file:

> /* per … 61203.html */
> #include <ft2build.h>
> #include FT_FREETYPE_H

This was pointed out to me on the tuxtype forum at: … ?p=218#218

This corrected the trouble.

I appologize for my crude diff. I was planning to ask if there are any prefered diff/patch guidelines.

But after reading: Making and Applying Patches. I'm now afraid to ask 8-)

John E. A.


#2 2004-08-22 11:42:19

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Re: sdl_ttf 2.0.6 and freetype2 2.1.7 patch

I have just posted a worked example and asked for a review. It may thus be that further light will get shed.

However, from reading the HOWTO on patching and reading elsewhere, I gather that patches are usually made in the main directory and then automatically read into the $startdir/src by way of its being listed in the PKGBUILD source array.

Thus the patch gets applied in $startdir/src, and this helps a lot in securing the benefit of md5sums.

What the beep was that?


#3 2004-08-22 15:34:25

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Re: sdl_ttf 2.0.6 and freetype2 2.1.7 patch

there are LOTS of examples of how patches are applied. (or how sed commands are used instead of patching.) it is always prudent to go through your abs directory if you have any questions.

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