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#1 2004-08-31 19:51:05

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Removing all packages except for base

Is there any way I can remove all packages on my system, except for the base packages?  I want to cut down on the number of packages on my system, and maybe clean out somethings while all the packages aren't there.  Is there any way I can do this with pacman?

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#2 2004-08-31 20:30:07

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Re: Removing all packages except for base

well, you could write a script that takes out the base packages (the packages marked "base/" here) from the list of installed packages on your system (pacman -Q), and then pacman -R those packages all at once.

if you have a lot more things you want to clean out than you want to keep, it may be easier to tar up the files you want to keep, delete everything, and use the quickinst (instead of the interactive setup script) on the arch cd.


#3 2004-08-31 21:05:31

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Re: Removing all packages except for base

i can't remember the syntax but before there were package groups you used something like:

cd /var/abs/base

pacman -S `/bin/ls`

I would assume you could do the same for uninstalling (make sure you use the d option though). it will be, potentially, a messy process no matter which way you do it.

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#4 2004-09-01 05:01:28

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Re: Removing all packages except for base

What I did (having enough HD space) to clean up the system, installed 0.7 base on a different partition. Then copied whatever was needed from the old partition. My /home still uses the old partition.... reduced it from 6GB to 3GB.


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