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#1 2004-09-01 22:59:16

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Search Function

This is not in any way critical, but would it be at all possible to implement a search function to pacman? Something like the --query option only for all packages, not just those installed.  At times I would like to be able to search to see if a package is available or not without having to attempt to install / upgrade it at the same time.

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#2 2004-09-02 00:18:15

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Re: Search Function

what about pacman -Ss keyword ?

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#3 2004-09-02 00:22:50

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Re: Search Function

keyword being the package name or word that may be in thedescription. For example:

sarah@flightypuffin:~> pacman -Ss dvd
    Tools for burning dvd+rw
extra/dvdrip 0.50.18-1
    A Gtk frontend for transcode writen in Perl
extra/dvdrtools 0.1.5-1
    dvdrtools is a fork of cdrtools, with the primary goal of supporting
    writable DVD drives
extra/libdvdcss 1.2.8-1
    libdvdcss is a cross-platform library for transparent DVD device access with
    on-the-fly CSS decryption.
extra/libdvdnav 0.1.9-1
    The library for xine-dvdnav plugin.
extra/libdvdread 0.9.4-2
    libdvdread provides a simple foundation for reading DVD video disks
extra/ogle 0.9.2-4
    A simple DVD player for Linux.
extra/transcode 0.6.12-1
    Transcode is a video/DVD ripper and encoder for the terminal/console.
extra/vlc 0.7.2-1
    The VideoLAN Client (VLC) is an MPEG, VCD/DVD, and DivX player for Unix,
    Windows, MacOS X, BeOS and QNX.


sarah@flightypuffin:~> pacman -Ss j2re 
extra/j2re 1.4.2_05-1
    Sun's java runtime environment

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#4 2004-09-02 11:47:25

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Re: Search Function

Oh, wow, I must have completely missed the -s tag in the manpage, thanks a lot!  Perhaps it could also be added to the documentation, since it's not listed there?


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