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#1 2004-09-05 22:05:50

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Installed Package Integrity Checker

I finally got around to learning python...great language btw, and I decided to try a small project that took me a half a day, but probably would have taken some guru 5 minutes flat, as a test program. What this does is parse /var/lib/pacman/local/*/files and check to make sure that everything it finds listed still exists on your system, it outputs anything that it didnt manage to read, and the package that owns it.
Please try it out and send comments/tips/criticisms/etc..


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#2 2004-09-05 22:55:04

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Re: Installed Package Integrity Checker

Seems to work here, could be useful


#3 2004-09-06 00:35:25

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Re: Installed Package Integrity Checker

mmmm... Python...

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#4 2004-09-06 02:30:55

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Re: Installed Package Integrity Checker

Looks alright to me... you probably didn't have to use os.walk though.  An os.listdir would have been just as good (you already know that there will be a files file in each directory).

Alternately, you could look at the pacman module that's included with namcap.  It can load package information from places like /var/lib/pacman/local.

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