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#1 2004-09-08 07:18:41

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udev and /dev/ptypX

A friend of mine recently had a small problem with xconsole on Archlinux:
- with udev, it only obtained the dreaded "couldn't open console" message.
- with devfs, everything was OK

From strace output, it looks like the problem with xconsole/udev comes from the fact that the /dev/ptypX devices are not found by xconsole. In fact, they are not generated by udev, whereas devfs does.

Here are my questions:
- does the absence of the /dev/ptypX devices result from an intentional move (change of policy, a deprecation of /dev/ptypX), a technical problem, of were they simply forgotten?
- what could be the best bix for this (if it exists)?

Thanks in advance


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