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Simple Arch32 Wrapper For Arch64 (Updated)

Since schroot often does not do what I want and refuses to start some apps, I wrote a simple wrapper which works just as i want it to.

Create /usr/bin/arch32_do and fill it with:

chroot /opt/arch32 su thoughtcrime -c "cd \"$currentpath\";$*"

Create /usr/bin/arch32 and fill it with:

sudo /usr/bin/arch32_do $*

Now start visudo and allow /usr/bin/arch32_do to be executed without a password (by adding this line):

thoughtcrime ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: /usr/bin/arch32_do

Now you can start all apps in the chroot by simply writing arch32 before it, like:

arch32 hamachi start
arch32 winecfg
arch32 zsnes

and so on.

UPDATE: It now uses the current path.

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