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#1 2004-09-15 02:13:37

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new install - full gnome!

well hello!

i just installed full arch 0.7 to my girl-friends computer.

i told her to f*ck windows and to use this good system.

everything went well but i remember i saw a forum entry where somebody wrote to install ALL the goodies of gnome.

it was something like "pacman -S gnome-all" or "pacman -S gnome-YEAH!".

I FORGOT! i mean there was a little pacman telling to install all of the good basic soft for GNOME.

but i forgot.

i seeked for but there is not anything i would like to get.

there WAS a comand i found in this forum to install ALL the basics gnome can offer.

I FORGOT! help me.

it was luck i ithink when i found it.

so please help me!

btw my girl-friends pc is a 686-pentiumII and everything is realy running smooth.
i have to fight with her low disk space but the system is going well - with 0.7 beta and UDEV!

well arch seems to be the best i know!

however my mac runs better now, but they are also kind of n*z*s like microsoft i think.

i d like to get linux on my mac. perhaps i ll try CRUX. anyone did this yet?

thanx for your help,


#2 2004-09-15 02:55:47

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Re: new install - full gnome!

It's: pacman -S gnome
Simple enough  wink


#3 2004-09-15 03:05:29

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Re: new install - full gnome!

no man it s not pacman -S gnome!

it s more!

or am i wrong.

when i installed all i d like to get, there was something missing. and pacman -S gnome does not give me all the software i need for a functional easy desktop like totem or system-monitor.

there was a command to install ALL the stuff like wheter-reporting or gnome-eyes (geyes).

i want it all. it s for my girl so help me!

guess what! she s not experienced in computers but she knows well now using Slackware - isnt that nice?

so i gave her archlinux and it s much better you know!

help me.



#4 2004-09-15 03:05:49

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Re: new install - full gnome!

Actually, you want gnome-extra.

To see all the groups, use pacman -Sg.

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#5 2004-09-15 03:15:44

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Re: new install - full gnome!

well man!

eeeasy like this!

possibly i mean 'gnome-extra'!

so WHY isnt it in the packages directory???

i think it s 'gnome-extra'!

thank you very much! cheers man!

now i m at home but i ll try tomorrow.

well thank you!

so there s no pkg-file called 'gnome-extra' so how does anybody know?

i guess you answered my question. and IT IS SO EASY! HELL!!!!!

see you!

thank you so much!



#6 2004-09-16 09:51:51

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Re: new install - full gnome!

ame, don't tell your girlfriend such stuff..
anyways, have luck man,
and consider less 'enter' in your next post.

theBadGuy smile !!??$$$#@@..


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