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#1 2004-09-16 20:54:57

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How do I start it? I installed it, but I can't find any executable? I'm using gnome as windowmanager tough.
I tried OpenOffice, I think it's not good.

Somebody should really start with a good office suite that can compare with microsoft office.



#2 2004-09-16 21:10:00

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Re: koffice

I can hardly believe you said OpenOffice is not good.
It is the best free & open source Office suite available.

Some Computer Magazines have compared OpenOffice, MS Office & others and OpenOffice stood up to MS Office really well, I think it even beated MS at some points.

Out of curiosity... how do YOU compare Office suites? By look?
What out of the ordinary functionality you require in MS Office that you couldn't find in OpenOffice. I admit I haven't looked deeply into it and I've used a lot of advanced features from MS Office, but for a daily usage and a good document format OpenOffice works really well.

You should also take into account that it's open source and you haven't payed anyone to make your interface pretty.

OpenOffice 2 is announced to bring a whole new organization... we'll see how well it will be.

As root:

# pacman -Sy koffice

Applications: kword, kspread etc.... run with the application name


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Re: koffice

Have you tried siag-office?
pacman -S siag-office

Abiword is a nice word processor:
pacman -S abiword.

Personally, I prefer using latex.  It is much better than these WYSIWYG word processor, especially with math equations and cross-referencing.

[EDIT] BTW, I use emacs. No GUI like lyx, kile, etc.. wink


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