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#1 2009-03-30 09:34:42

From: Toulouse (FR)
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mplayer depends on libcap...

... but I can't really find through which module.

Looking at libcap's "required by" in testing, I thought I would only need to reinstall proftpd, avahi, samba and wireshark. But I had to upgrade mplayer and mpd too. So this is just a question, maybe mplayer and mpd lack "libcap" somehow in their PKGBUILD ?

And by the way, it seems lirc is a little bit old in testing :
(Approx. translation)

pacman -Su
:: Début de la mise à jour complète du système...
Warning: gourmet: local version (0.13.8-1) is newer than community (0.13.4-2)
Warning: telepathy-glib: local version (0.7.27-1) is newer than testing (0.7.16-1)
Solving dependencies ...
Warning: dependency cycle detected:
Warning: xorg-server will be installed before its dependency nvidia-utils
Looking for conflicts between packages ...
Error: preparation of transaction failed (satisfying dependencies failed)
:: lirc: requires kernel26<2.6.29


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