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#1 2004-09-18 21:15:25

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fixes repo?

this may have been suggested before.  simply put:

could all big packages, say over 20MB, have a dependency included in them for $pkgname-fixes, which would be stored in the fixes repo.  this package would essential be empty for new releases but if a package needs minor corrections - e.g. adding a : in a script - it is not easier to have this include in  a tiny package rather than update the whole package?

we would be talking about very few packages that this would actually apply to and it would have to be preemptive - i.e. the dependency would have to be there (it may not even need to be a dep) before any probs occur but if this turns out to be an evolving fix pacman would still keep up with the changes.

like i said - prolly already been suggested an does not exist so prolly, therefore, a bad idea that is anti-the arch ethos.  but i thought i would suggest it


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