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#1 2004-09-21 00:24:10

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Grub and lilo troubles

Having troubles with both on a HP NC8000 laptop and dualing booting with an XP OS. Grub w orks after initial Arch install for 4 boots then it freezes with "Loading Stage 1.5" -or- inifinitely reboots the system without showing anything. Attempts to reinstall grub by using the boot cd lead to nothing (just sits there for a blinking cursor, left it sit for 2 hours).

Lilo worked fine until I upgraded to a custom kernel (pointed it to the correct image in lilo.conf of course). Reinatlling lilo (lilo command specifing configure file and mbr) says it  is successful but upon reboot Windows loads without a bootloader coming up at all.

Any ideas or thoughts? Could it just be a picky BIOS?




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