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#1 2004-09-25 07:23:30

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2 Questions with Gnome 2.8

1.  Which distro description do I choose for Disk Manager under System Tools?  I want to make sure I have the right choice and

2.  What do I need to get Device Manager running i Gnome 2.8.
I am running UDev with the enties as suggested in the Arch Wiki but when I go to start it up I get a screen flash as though something opens and then exits before I can do anything.

Aside, Took a few times for Gnome 2.8 testing to want to install even though I did the

testing at the front of my pacman.conf list and
pacman -S gnome
pacman -S gnome-extras

Oh well, for the most it is running and keeping my 2.6 desktop settings which is nice as I would have been dissapointed if I had to go over my setup again.  Then again, this isn't a Windows update is it  wink

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