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#1 2003-06-13 15:10:04

From: Viña del Mar, Chile.
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gcc: feature request

hello there!

Well i need a java compiler, i know that gcc has java support but for any reason arch-linux's gcc isn't compiled with java..

i read the PKGBUILD and notice that the flag --enable-languages hasn't the java option..

i realize that not many ppl need this so thinking in the arch way never it will be included..

i'm too lazy to recompile gcc every new release just to add java support, yeah i know that i can install JDK but i really want to try gcj..

this is a little feature request for the next releases of gcc.. hope the gcc mantainer read this smile


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#2 2003-06-14 00:29:44

From: Victoria, BC, Canada
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Re: gcc: feature request

I think your best bet is to build your own package and list gcc in the NoUpgrade field in pacman.conf, so it doesn't get replaced with the stock gcc package.


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