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Have successfully booted and used the Knoppix remastered DVD cebit edition Knoppixv3.4 which has 2.1GB of programs.

The DVD as downloaded would not boot ..TORAM.

I installed the minirt.26.gz (with linuxrc memory size changed to "3000000") from the Knoppix LIVECD into the minirt26.gz of the DVD and burned a new disc.  This solved the boot problem.

The operation in ram was verified by the system resource display in the dvd system menu.  Both the 3GB memory and accompanying USB 2.0 swap file of 2GB were recognized.

There was 4.9GB of cloop file data verified.

I am trying to get definitive coding to correct the DVD deficiencies(it provides 800MB of memory size in the TORAM script which is not adequate.

I would like to try the script of minirt26.gz from the latest download of DVD remastered v3.5 and would appreciate the e-mail of same via private message.

I suspect it has the same problem which says the script was never tested.

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