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Tutorials for Newbie

Today I am gonna write a quick tutorial on installing Arch Linux. I believe Arch Linux is one of the best distributions available, if you are willing to work hard, you gonna love it. I recently switched to Arch from Ubuntu and I am loving it..

Getting the ISOs

I just grabed a copy from my local mirror and burned it on a CD. I only got the base system iso as it is faster to download and I always get packages through pacman. Leave the CD in the tray and reboot your system. Following the instructions on the screen you should get a command prompt:

[Arch Linux: /]#


I have my hdd already partitioned and I won't get into technical stuff such as partitioning your drive. You get fdisk and cfdisk for that and there are plenty of tutorials available on google for such. Anyway, here is my hdd layout:

/dev/sda5 - / - 10GB
/dev/sda6 - /boot - 1GB
/dev/sda7 - swap - 3GB
/dev/sda8 - /usr - 15GB
/dev/sda9 - /home - 15GB

Basic setup

Okay. At the prompt just type in /arch/setup and you should be welcomed by a dialog based installation program.

1. You are prompted to choose your installation media. I usually (I mean always) go for option 1 - CD-ROM or OTHER SOURCE

2. Prepare hard drive

    * I only go for option 3 and assign mount points to my partitions. I choose ext4 for my filesystem \\
    * Be careful that you first have to choose your swap partition.

3. Select packages. As I only downloaded the base ISO
4. Install packages - pretty straightforward.
5. Configure system - use nano or vi to your liking (I recommend nano if you want just easy editing)
6. Install the kernel - you only have one option here too

Now go ahead and reboot. All should be fine.

    * Installing Yaourt
          o # nano /etc/pacman.conf

          Server =

          o # pacman -Sy yaourt

    * First, use pacman to install python:
          o # pacman -Sy python
          o # cd /etc/pacman.d
          o # cp mirrorlist mirrorlist.backup
          o # rankmirrors -n 6 mirrorlist.backup > mirrorlist
          o # cd

    * Force pacman to refresh the package lists
          o # pacman -Syy

    * Update Pacman Itself
          o # pacman -Sy pacman
          o # pacman -Syu
          o # pacman --sync --refresh --sysupgrade

    * Add-user
          o # useradd -m -G users,audio,lp,optical,storage,video,wheel,power -s /bin/bash sayem
          o # passwd sayem

    * Install and setup Sudo
          o # pacman -S sudo
          o # EDITOR=nano visudo

    * Install the alsa-utils package:
          o # pacman -Sy alsa-lib alsa-utils
          o # pacman -S alsa-oss
          o # alsactl store

    * Configuring Xorg
          o # pacman -S xorg
          o # yaourt hwd
          o # hwd -xa
          o # pacman -S xf86-input-evdev
          o # pacman -S xf86-input-mouse
          o # pacman -S xf86-input-keyboard
          o # /etc/rc.d/hal start
          o # pacman -Rd libgl

    * ATI graphics card
          o # yaourt -S catalyst catalyst-utils
          o # aticonfig --initial
          o # lspci | grep VGA

    * Install fonts
          o # pacman -S ttf-ms-fonts ttf-dejavu ttf-bitstream-vera ttf-liberation

    *  Enabling sudo for Users
          o # pacman -S sudo

    * Install the base GNOME environment with:
          o # pacman -S gnome gnome-extra
          o # pacman -S gnome-system-tools
          o # nano /etc/rc.conf

          DAEMONS=(syslog-ng network crond alsa hal fam gdm)

          o # pacman -S gdm archlinux-themes-gdm
          o # pacman -S gtk-engines gtk-aurora-engine gtk-candido-engine gtk-rezlooks-engine

    * Install Chakra Project (KDEmod Desktop Environment)
          o # pacman -Rd kde
          o # pacman -Q | grep kde
          o # nano /etc/pacman.conf

         Server =


         Server =

          o # pacman -Sy kdemod-complete
          o # pacman -S kdemod-extragear-gtk-qt-engine-svn
          o # pacman -S kdemod-kdepim

    * Installing Adobe Flash Player 10

          o … _on_Arch64
          o $ wget … .so.tar.gz
          o $ tar xvf
          o $ mkdir ~/.mozilla/plugins
          o $ mv ~/.mozilla/plugins

    * Most Common Apps
          o # pacman -Sy codecs `pacman -Ss gstreamer | grep -e '^extra/gstreamer0.10' | awk '{print $1}'`
          o # pacman -S evolution k3b bzip2 firefox
          o # pacman -S openjdk6

    * Installing Java the OpenJDK JVM
          o # pacman -S openjdk6

    * Most Common Apps

    * Installing RealPlayer
          o # chmod +x RealPlayer11GOLD.bin
          o # ./RealPlayer11GOLD.bin

    * GNOME Commander
          o # pacman -S gnome-commander

    * Installing GParted
          o # pacman -S gparted

    * Installing Midnight Commander
          o # pacman -S mc

    * Installing GNOME-MPlayer
          o # pacman -S gnome-mplayer

    * Installing Alsamixer
          o # pacman -S gnome-alsamixer

    * Enabling the Numlock Key
          o # pacman -S numlockx

    * Graphics Apps
          o # pacman -S gimp inkscape gthumb scrot f-spot

    * Multimedia Apps
          o # pacman -S audacious audacious-plugins vlc mplayer mplayer-plugin miro audacity

    * Network Apps
          o # pidgin purple-plugin-pack
          o # pacman -S pidgin-facebookchat
          o Skype
          o # pacman -S emesene

    * Themes
          o # pacman -S gnome-themes-extras tango-icon-theme tango-icon-theme-extras

    * Office Suites
          o # pacman -S openoffice-base

    * File Management
          o # pacman -S unrar

    * Bengali Fonts
          o # pacman -S kde-l10n-bn_in
          o # pacman -S ttf-freebanglafont

    * NTFS Write Support (Enable Windows Partition)
          o # pacman -Sy ntfs-3g
          o # sudo mkdir /mnt/windows
          o # sudo mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sda1 /mnt/windows
          o # ln -s /mnt/windows /home/urname/Desktop
          o # nano /etc/fstab
          o # /dev/sda1 /mnt/windows ntfs-3g defaults 0 0

    * Resolution Display Setting
          o System > Preferences > ATI Catalyst
          o Change Desktop Area to "1680X1050"
          o System > Preferences > Display
          o Change Resolution to "1680X1050"

    * Automatic Login
          o System > Administration > Login Window
          o Then "Users" to +Add user name. and then hit "Apply"
          o Then, Security "Enable Automatic Login"

    * Firefox Add-ons
          o ColorfulTabs
          o Flagfox
          o Foxmarks bookmark
          o WOT
          o Strata Aero

    * Floating Window Managers
          o # pacman -S compiz-fusion

    * Configure IMAP on Evolution and Gmail

    => Receiving E-mail
    Server Type: IMAP
    Username: Your complete Gmail address
    Security: SSL
    Authentication Type: Password
    Remember Password: Check (optional)
    => Sending E-mail
    Server Type: SMTP
    Server Requires Authentication: Check
    Security: TLS
    Authentication Type: Login
    Username: Your complete Gmail address
    Remember Password: Check (optional)

    * Fix for Video Playback Problem in Compiz-Fusion
          o … usion.html

    * Codeweavers (For paid customer only)

    * X11 Cursors
          o … tent=73135

    * Howto make GTK apps look nice
          o … _look_nice

    * OSX (GNOME Icon)
          o … tent=31618

    * Turn Your Ubuntu Hardy to Mac OSX Leopard
          o … 2008/07/23

    * Firefox Tips and Tweaks
          o … and_Tweaks

    * How to Install Packages from the AUR
          o mkdir -p $HOME/builds
          o cd $HOME/builds
          o wget
          o tar xvzf yaourt.tar.gz
          o cd yaourt
          o makepkg -s -i
          o yaourt epiphany

    * How to Compile and install from sources
          o sudo pacman -S abs base-devel
          o nano /etc/abs.conf | Remove the ! in front of the testing repos
          o sudo abs
          o mkdir -p $HOME/abs
          o cp -r /var/abs/extra/htop $HOME/abs
          o cd /$HOME/abs/htop
          o makepkg -s
          o sudo pacman -U htop-xxx.pkg.tar.gz

Using the System

    * AUR User Guidelines
          o sudo pacman -Sy base-devel

    * ABS - The Arch Build System
          o … _is_ABS.3F
          o sudo pacman -Sy abs

    * Pacman

    * Tips, Trick and Tweak
          o … _Menu_Icon
          o … and_Tweaks

Table of Contents of Wiki
    * … _(English)

    * All articles
    * … amespace=0

    * Category:Kernel
          o … _(English)

    * Category:Networking
          o … _(English)

    * … y:Security
          o … _(English)

    * Category:Software
          o … _(English)

    * Category:Desktop user's guide
          o … _(English)

    * Category:System recovery
          o … _(English)

    * Category:Arch development
          o … _(English)

    * Category:Live Arch systems
          o … _(English)

    * Category:ArchWiki Tools
          o … _(English)

    * Popular Page - Favorite articles
          o … pularpages

    * Lonely pages - Old articles

    * Wanted pages - Wanted articles

    * Special pages
          o … ecialpages

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Re: Tutorials for Newbie

Hi sayems,

While your effort is appreciated, this does not seem to be appropriate for a forum post. The common reply would be to put this in the wiki, but from what I can tell, it seems that most of this is already in the Beginners Guide in the wiki.

Once you're up to the required 25 posts, maybe you could request an Arch Linux blog here and add this to it.

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Re: Tutorials for Newbie

Why installing flashplugin and realplayer manually? :\
The first is in extra, the second in aur.


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Re: Tutorials for Newbie

This looks awfully similar to … orial.html

Also, nothing can beat the beginners guide on the wiki. tongue


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Re: Tutorials for Newbie

Prolly a good way for the OP of remembering what (s)he did - but the thing with Arch is that you only need to install once smile

For me the install would be totally different and this post thus useless...

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Re: Tutorials for Newbie

I think that is a good idea! but maybe the forums really aren't the right place for that. Especially the links at the end of the post are valuable



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Re: Tutorials for Newbie

This stuff belongs in the wiki. Really. I know it's done with the best intentions, but... I won't keep repeating this.

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