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#1 2004-10-20 21:20:18

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VMWare using motif widgets?

If you're running VMWare on Arch, maybe you can help with a small (but irritating) problem that's been introduced recently?

I use VMWare in "Quick Switch" mode, which displays the guest OS in a window with scrollbars on the side.  For some reason recently the scrollbars have turned to Motif style.  I think they used to just be standard GTK style previous to this.  I'm not sure exactly when this changed, but I think it was within the past week.  I'd guess that some recent package update triggered this, but I have no idea which.

Not a big deal, of course, if I can't get this fixed (it's just widget styles) but I would like to clean it up if I can.  I like my desktop looking nice and uniform.

Any ideas, please let me know.




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