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#1 2004-10-23 23:09:15

From: Münster/germany
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keyboard layout driver problems

hi there
i have 3 problems with my keyboard!
1.  the key to print an "^" does not work in every app, eg scite
2. in some apps , for example mozilla-firefox my direction keys
don work in text fields. left an right are (if possoble) scrolling the html site und up and down are simply do nothing....
3. my language layout DE does not want to load at start up (for console, not x11)

how can i change that?
greetings matto

// DAMNiAM //


#2 2004-10-24 12:13:48

From: Poland
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Re: keyboard layout driver problems

I don't know anything about your first question but for the second IIRC the answer is already in the forums - search for mozilla-firefox and/or firefox.

And about your third question first check this wiki page and also check if you have kbd package installed.


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