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#1 2004-10-24 18:55:38

From: Italy
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Error on FTP installation

I've downloaded the base iso from Bittorrent, burned it and booted my pc. After selecting mountpoints, I go on Select packages, I choose a mirror and it downloads the list, then all the times, when I go to Install packages, it tells me "One or more packages failed to download". I've tried to change the mirror ftp, but nothing. Should I download the full iso?


#2 2004-10-24 19:35:05

From: Malmoe, Sweden
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Re: Error on FTP installation

this sounds like the famous "hit done" problem,

after you selected packages, all you need is base, don't forget to hit done,

if this doesn't work there is a 0.7beta on the mirrors,
could be worth a try because the 0.6 isos are the same so if one ftp install fails it would fail on the other one also,

good luck  big_smile

arch + gentoo + initng + python = enlisy


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