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#1 2004-11-01 23:41:54

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listing recent packages

this is an obvious one so it must have been suggested before - is there anyway that pacman can be made to show you all the recently added packages?  looking on the home page is ok but this does not cover the TURs and UORs.  one of thing i always find i struggle to do is find new apps to use - you hear through word of mouth etc and sometimes you may be intrigued by something on the Arch homepage - but it would be great if you could get an output of newly added packages with say pacman -Sn - this would mean that more people get exposed to more packages which can only be good for linux in general - there has been a big recent increase in the number of UOR - we even have a wiki to account for them now.

however, this may be part of the "big idea" in the pipeline - just some thoughts tho


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