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#1 2004-11-12 03:30:40

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pchdtv hd-3000 kernel patches

I just purchased an HD-3000 HDTV card from  Their instructions are for Fedora Core 2.  Since I can't stand Fedora, and I have Arch installed, I was wondering if anyone knew how to install the kernel driver for this card in Arch.  On their downloads page, there are kernel patches, but I've never installed a kernel patch before.  The patches appear to be for kernel 2.6.3 and 2.6.6.  I know that my kernel is 2.6.9.  Would I have to go back some kernels in order to use the patch?  How does one go about using a kernel patch?

Thanks for any assistance on this topic.


#2 2004-11-12 14:42:20

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Re: pchdtv hd-3000 kernel patches
there's a patch on there.


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