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#1 2004-11-13 21:46:38

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USB stick slow to mount

Ever since kernel 2.6.6 (currently using 2.6.9) I have been having some slow mount times (takes about 20 seconds to mount my USB stick). I have tried both devfs and udev but both yield the same results. Currently I am using udev (hence the /dev/stick).

USB media support is compiled into the kernel, as well as all necessary USB bus support (V1's - V2).

My fstab entry:

/dev/stick             /mnt/usbstick  vfat      rw,users,noauto,noexec 0      0

demesg output:

[root@intel2500 jjohnson]# dmesg
>usb-storage: usb_stor_bulk_transfer_buf: xfer 13 bytes
usb-storage: Status code 0; transferred 13/13
usb-storage: -- transfer complete
usb-storage: Bulk status result = 0
usb-storage: Bulk Status S 0x53425355 T 0x35 R 0 Stat 0x0
usb-storage: scsi cmd done, result=0x0
usb-storage: *** thread sleeping.
usb-storage: queuecommand called
usb-storage: *** thread awakened.
usb-storage: Command READ_10 (10 bytes)
usb-storage:  28 00 00 00 02 9d 00 00 01 00
usb-storage: Bulk Command S 0x43425355 T 0x36 L 512 F 128 Trg 0 LUN 0 CL 10
usb-storage: usb_stor_bulk_transfer_buf: xfer 31 bytes
usb-storage: Status code 0; transferred 31/31
usb-storage: -- transfer complete

Strangely, the last eight lines 'loop' or repeat themselves over and over (too long to post obviously). I think this might have something to do with the slowness however I have no idea what it means. Once it is mounted, the device operates at speeds comparable to Windoze.

Thanks for any help.




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