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#1 2004-11-16 08:02:00

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valknut, cd, dvd and skype problems!!!!

I got loads of probs. hopefully someone know what to do, aye big_smile Let´s start at prob. one.

1). I get many, many, many errors while starting valknut. All my settings is gone, so I type in them again and saved it, then I tried to restarted valknut and all my settings is gone again. I also tried to remove and install valknut, the same thing happens. I have no clue at all wat is happening.

2) I wanted to lissen to some music through my cd so I installed the cdcd. I was almost done when I got the permission denied to /dev/cdroms/cdrom0. I have checked the udev.permission and found that I have included my username in the optics. I also typed "group" in the console and found that im in the optical group. I also checked the fstab file and found out that my cd indeed is connected to the cdrom0, and my dvd to cdrom1. I also noticed that it was of type iso1966? or something and that I had the right attributes set to it. So, wat is the problem here?? I guess the same goes for my dvd, havent tried any prg. to read throuh it though.

3) My skype problem is delicate. Lissen to this, I started it up as I use too, then I called a friend big_smile. The first thing I noticed that I didnt have any ring signal, didnt think so much about it. Anyway, we got connected and then I could only hear my friend for about 4-6 sec. after that there was silence, but the funny thing is that my friend could hear me all the time, and then I mean after I couldnt hear him. I know that my headset works and that I did a proper installed since I can lissen to music through it. Sooo, what do think of this??

I would be greatful for help



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Re: valknut, cd, dvd and skype problems!!!!

I have the same problems with Valknut. There are many errors like this

CXml::xml_UTF8Toisolat1 error 5


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