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svg2ggr: extract svg gradients to ggr files for Gimp, Inkscape, etc

info page:

After an email from Ghost1227 about exporting gradients from Inkscape, I ended up writing a command-line tool to create ggr files from svgs. The ggr files that it generates can be imported into Gimp and Inkscape (and anything else that uses ggr files).

Of course, you could do this through Gimp:
1) move the svg into your gradients directory
2) start gimp
3) open the gradient selection dialog
4) duplicate the gradient

but that would be tedious for multiple files or multiple gradients within a file. Maybe there's a convenient way to do it through Python-Fu from within Gimp, but even then you still have to start gimp.

If anyone can find the ggr file specification, please post a link. I gave up on trying to find it after several searches finally turned up a document that was no longer accessible.

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