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Enlightenment released!

Well, its out a new manteinance release of E16, here the changelog:

Wed Dec 15 - benr - DR16.7.2 Released!

Enlightenment is now avalible. This is largely a bugfix release and minor feature release. Download it now. Some of the changes include:

    * Make keys used for menu navigation configurable.
    * Bosnian translation.
    * Korean translation updates.
    * Improved dockapp handling.
    * Improved KDE menu generation.
    * Bulgarian translation.
    * Showing desktop support.
    * Fix remembered settings for slave WM's.
    * Improved fullscreen window handling.
    * Fix _XROOT... hack.
    * Fix selecting "No Background" in background settings dialog.
    * Add shade/unshade using mouse wheel to title bar actions.
    * Fix _NET_WM_MOVERESIZE (button case).
    * Don't update pager if not visible.
    * Avoid problems due to recursive menus.
    * Fix button stacking.
    * Pointer grab fixes.
    * Fix remembered settings for apps setting WM_WINDOW_ROLE to random like value "---".
    * Fix some session management property types.
    * Stack desktop windows below buttons.
    * Add border frame action handling (enables things like auto shade/unshade).
    * Fix handling of border parts where text state changes but image state doesn't.
    * Fix startup position for shaded down- or right-shading windows.

already flaged the package out of date, the post porpouse is solely to inform about it.

ooops2, here is the link:

Leonardo Andrés Gallego || Comunidad Hispana de Arch Linux


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