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#1 2003-08-01 14:13:43

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hey ... a question for the power-builders

i started making packages for my archlinux-machine this week .. with some success (see ) ... but also with some problems:

what do you do when there is no $prefix or $DESTDIR or any simmilar method to change destination of creation? ->there are a lot of nice things where the makefile is a great mess ... what do you do in such a case?

(what i did in one package that worked once: in the build-function i wrote:

export SomeCrazyVarsInMakefile=$startdir[...]
make -e [...]

--> but i think this method is not a nice one to use every time for this problem

Do you
-> create a new makefile?
-> write messy build-functions for makepkg? (as i tried)
-> download the source to local and change it to suit makepkg and build it locally (BIG DISADVANTAGE --- not really abs-like)?

the things i wanted to build:
-RasMol :
-Visualization Toolkit : (the requied cmake i already built and posted in incoming, if you want to try)
-and some others

what do you (power-builders of Archlinux) do in such cases?

thanx in advance


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#2 2003-08-01 14:34:51

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Re: hey ... a question for the power-builders

if you have to change a few lines in certain files, you can use sed.  Otherwise your best bet is to probably patch the source.  Both methods are employed currently in packages and examples will be easy to find.

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