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[Solved] grub and update-grub

I did not know where to put this one, so I decided to put it here in this forum. I am not exactly an Arch newbie, but this is probably a silly-ass question and belongs here.

I decided to play with Grub and Grub2 today. I tried Grub2 but could not make it work by chainloading from my Debian Sid partition that has Grub2 on it. It was working fine before with the Grub from the Arch install.

So, I decided to go back to Grub1. After some woes and cuss words it works, but I can not find "update-grub". That command has always been a part of Grub has it not? It is not a "paths" issue since the locate command can not find it. It is irritating to have lost an old favorite command.

What have I done wrong; or, am I just dreaming that update-grub was always in Arch?

Thanks in advance for any ideas.


Edit: I found, on further looking, that update-grub is a Debian thing. In Arch it is not needed as the latest kernel is always called the same thing, i.e. "kernel26.img". Sorry to waste space.

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Re: [Solved] grub and update-grub


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