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#1 2004-12-26 20:38:52

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Why are shared objects affixed with a number?

I've seem to have run in to this problem on many distributions (except arch, only got it once), is that some library (liba) is linked to (libb). liba can't compile because it refers to, however, I do have a Presumably a newer version of the libb object. Why is this? Is there a good reason to (not) do this? How do you prevent such things happening?



#2 2004-12-26 21:03:26

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Re: Why are shared objects affixed with a number?

(first of all i´m very bad in english but i try it wink )
i think has more code that can be loaded by a programm than so if one application is linked aggainst it can´t handle the stuff in arch is compiled against the newest library (or it should be)and i think redhat or suse-linux have a kind of binary compatibilty (every binary compiled for suse 8.1 should run on suse 9.1) i don´t think arch have this because arch use the newest and coolest stuff and compile every application which need library XYZ would be recompiled........



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