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#1 2004-12-31 18:00:07

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more print quality woes.....

Wow, seems like printing=brain surgery.....

Just did a rebuild and am setting up my printer.
I got all my stuff--cups, ghostscript, hpijs, gimp-print, my printer ppd, etc

I used the online CUPS setup which went quite well....(i have an HP812C btw)

Now I'm getting unbelievably grainy print output.  I went into KDE print configurer
and changed <lineart> to <photograph> (this seems to have helped in the past)
but still no dice.  I use GNOME, so I don't know if that makes a diff.

I'm sure I'm overlooking something relatively easy(as is ususally the case), but
I've spent 2 days trying to print a document......kinda silly.....

Any help would be greatly appreciated, I've searched the WIKI end to end to no avail.

Thanx in advance and Happy New Year!


#2 2004-12-31 23:01:33

From: Frequent Flyer Underworld
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Re: more print quality woes.....

If you are using CUPS, then from my experience, fire up the CUPS control panel from the web interface, goto "Printers" -> "Configure Printer", and play with the "resolution" settings.

I had to do so with my printer.  It was using a lower DPI resolution as default than what mine was capable of doing.  My printer is an NEC Superscript 870 laser printer,  however, I use the "HP II Laserjet" driver instead of the PPD file associated with my printer.  The PPD file for my printer just doesn't work.  So, I would suggest you try a compatible driver if the first recommendation doesn't help.


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