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#1 2005-01-10 03:59:49

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Items in ~/.gnome2/vfolders/applications not in Menu Bar

Some shortcuts I added to one user account (contained in ~/.gnome2/vfolders/applications) are not appearing in the "Menu Bar" applet (Looks like: "(foot) Applications Actions").  They do however appear in Nautilus at the URL applications://

I tried moving the .desktop files to /usr/share/applications, but it's extremely finicky.

I also tried clearing ~/.gnome2 and starting over, but that didn't work either.

I know that these items used to show up, but I didn't catch which package upgrade caused them to stop working.

I've searched the net, but I can't find this problem in any other distributions.  (although it's a difficult topic to search for)

Is anyone else with Arch having similar problems?


#2 2005-01-11 00:14:05

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Re: Items in ~/.gnome2/vfolders/applications not in Menu Bar

Maybe you have additional info to help squash this bug?


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