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#1 2005-01-12 20:04:06

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Automatically disabling touchpad when mouse plugged in

Is there some way for me to configure udev so that, when I plug a USB mouse into my laptop, the laptop's touchpad gets disabled? And reenabled if I pull the mouse? The touchpadd can be a PITA when I am typing ... a slight brush of the thumb can cause a "mouse click" often moving my cursor location.



#2 2005-01-12 21:01:19

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Re: Automatically disabling touchpad when mouse plugged in

See the manpage of udev, quote:

After device node creation, removal, or network device  renaming,  udev
       executes  the programs located in the directory tree under /etc/dev.d/.
       The name of a program must have the suffix .dev to be recognized.
       In addition to the hotplug environment variables, UDEV_LOG  is  set  if
       udev  is  configured  to use the syslog facility. Executed programs may
       want to follow that setting.  DEVNAME is exported to make the  name  of
       the  created node, or the name the network device is renamed to, avail-
       able to the executed program.  The  programs  in  every  directory  are
       sorted in lexical order, while the directories are searched in the fol-
       lowing order:



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