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Problems with Desktop Environments

Hello all,

I have now updated to xfce4 2.0 from the Arch Repos.  And before I did when I was using xfce4 RC3 my panel stoped working.  No matter what my panel won't start on it's own, I have to go in and manually start the xfce4-panel my self.  Once I moved from xfce4 RC3 to the xfce4 stable, I tought that this problem would be fixed but it's not. 

The second problem that I am having might be an easy fix but I don't know much about it.  For some reason today I turned my computer on and all of the sudden on ALLLLLLL and I mean  ALLLLLL my icon themes the image file-browser is missing.  I tried re-installing the themes with no luck what's so ever.

The third and final problem is with my computer logging me out at random times....  I have been checking the CPU temp. to see if it might have to do anything with it but not.  I will be typing or doing something and it just randomly log me out.

In the mean time I'm triying to figure this all out and what can be causing it, but still no luck, so I decided to post if anything is having the same problems......



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