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#1 2010-03-12 00:54:59

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installed ssd on aspire one, cpu hotter by 10 degrees now??

I posted this to the aspireoneuser forum, and I don't think this is due to Arch, but I also wanted to run it by you as well... I own an Aspire One D250. I changed its regular 160GB hard disk with an OCZ Vertex 30GB SSD. I copied the old hard drive's content to the new one(with rsync etc).

For some reason, the cpu is now running about 10 degrees hotter than before... I cannot find why this can be... Any ideas? Google didn't help much... I found one forum post where it is suggested that because SSDs are faster, more CPU is used, but I can see my CPU usage to be at idle as it was in the 160GB disk (~3-7%)...

The way I migrated data from old to new hard drive, if relevant, was:
1. switch to some live cd
2. rsync the whole thing to SSD
3. chroot to it
4. fix fstab and menu.list; rebuild kernel; install grub
5. connect hdd internally, boot to it.


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