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#1 2010-03-12 05:13:06

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Hidden configuration file suggestion

I know this is not standard practice with any package manager, but is there any way to identify a package with the configuration files that its executables are bound to create? e.g. I have tons of hidden directories in /home/connor and I don't know which ones are safe to delete.

Is .links from links which I used to use or from elinks which I do use?
Is .macromedia from the old flashplugin or does the new one still use it for stuff?
Who made .icons?
Who made .wapi?
Who made .netx?

I could probably find out these answers with some effort but is there any way this could be covered with pacman -Qo?

I know this is harder than doing it for regular files. e.g. depending on how someone uses a program, there are certain config files which may never be created. Also, these folders will be duplicated every time a different user uses the program so inserting ~/.purple into the pidgin file list won't help if someone installs it on a different account.

Perhaps this is something best solved by crude hacks that I make. Any input?

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Re: Hidden configuration file suggestion

There is no sane way to do this at all. The only way is to run something similar to tripwire on $HOME.

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Re: Hidden configuration file suggestion

.links you keep if you use links, .macromedia is used by flash, .icons is used by desktop environments and such, the others I don't know, throw them at google and see what comes up.

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#4 2010-03-13 15:10:53

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Re: Hidden configuration file suggestion

If it were me, I would create a second (clean) user account and see what is created as I run applications, one at a time. But that would probably be a pain in the butt.


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Re: Hidden configuration file suggestion

.wapi comes from mono stuff


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