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#1 2005-01-21 22:47:00

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c++ dictionary parser

Hey, this shouldn't be that hard to do, but I'm at work right now so can't do much about it:

I'm looking to create a c++ standard library dictionary... most likely of the form:
<function name>:<file>:<line>:<full signature>
<class/struct/union name>
   <member function name>:<file>:<line>:<full signature>
   <member variable name>:<file>:<line>:<full signature>
   ctor:<file>:<line>:<full signature>

I'm planning on using this for vim in the same way python calltips works. And also with a minor script to use for a keywordprg to look up the definition.  However, my stumbling block is the actual creation of the dictionary itself... I was going to make a script to do it, so I can regenerate it and run it on other source as well.
Anyone with some parsing experience want to throw in their 2 cents?  I was planning on just running through all files line by line in python, but it gets very involved... any easy way to do this?


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