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#1 2005-01-23 09:55:12

From: downstairs
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"Tab Completion" closing console sessions

Starting this morning I find that pressing the TAB key terminates console sessions. For instance, running KDE as a user if I run "konsole", then su to root - pressing tab will return me to user console and pressing tab again will close konsole app (Session shell exited with signal 11).

A text console (ctl-alt-f1) will also terminate pressing tab so not an X problem.

I did a pacman -Suy yesterday and sed, dbus and vte packages were updated but I can't see anything in those. Dodgy keyboard? I don't know much about termcaps so am a bit stuck.

A nuisance as I use tab completion quite often.

EDIT: Hmm, rebooted and problem has gone!


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