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#1 2005-01-23 17:46:51

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network won't work

I have a very strange problem...
I haven't used my laptop for about a month with arch on it, everything worked fine for that time until now.

I can't get my network running. on booting my network stays busy and after a minute or 2 it fails.
a ifconfig shows that only lo is up. next thing what I do is a ifconfig eth0 up.
after that /etc/rc.d/network start but it won't work.
when I disable dhcp and give up an ip by my self everything seems to work well, but after a pacman -Sy or a ping to other network resources there will nothing happens.

my network module (natsemi) is loaded


#2 2005-01-23 19:08:33

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Re: network won't work

Hi Zym0tiC.

I had a similar experience with my daughter's Arch Linux laptop using a PCMCIA wireless card to connect to the network after an upgrade this last Friday (I believe this was to kernel16-2.6.10-3).

To make things work properly (although I haven't gotten to this fully resolved) I did the following: (a) invoked hotplug in rc.conf; and (b) made sure that all possible ethernet ports (in my case, eth0, eth1, and eth2) were specified in rc.conf (I used DHCP). The PCMCIA card is then recognized and connected using /etc/rc.d/network properly at boot (or by hand after boot).

I'm going to look into this further to see if I can't understand this better.




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